Unicore climbing rope for new era of climbing!

Unicore climbing rope for new era of climbing!

About a month ago in december, I was still in the zone of training for my project till the end of the year. I was really into mental game since my project was quite big!

By the end of 2015 I managed one RP at 6c on plastic and I was really happy about it. But now, I wanted to climb my first 7c on the rock. I know, it sounds crazy, but since I did my first 7b in august I was trying to push it even further! Well it didnt happen. Yet. 🙂

But anyway, I was training hard for it and preparing my psychology. So one day I was practicing falls. My project was Hobit 7c in Mišja peÄŤ. It is beautifull overhang project where the possibility of falling was high – at least for me 🙂 . I needed to reduce my fear of falling and begun my training day.

First I jumped of the top of the plastic route, without clipping last bolts. I fell maybe 2 meters and it was fine. On the next climb I accelerated a bit and jumped 3 meters till I got to the point of jumping of the roof for at least 5 meters of free fall. It was scary at first but at the end I kind of enjoy it! I started trusting the rope, my belayer and started to climb really relaxed – when it happened! Luckily I was a belayer this time and it was my friends time to climb. He went on some grey 7b and started cliping the bolts. After cliping the 4th bolt he didn’t stick the hold and he fell. Quite a normal thing in climbing you would say. Well it was, until I saw what happened!

He fall maybe 1,5 meters and a second later I noticed the rope was torn! He was still swinging on it and surprisingly laughing. I didnt have time to panic or smile. I just slowly belayed him to the ground. He was trying to pretend everything was great and how funny this is but to me, that was a bit of a shock!

Since I dont see torn rope every day in the middle of the climb, that was scary for me!

So I stopped climbing for the day and went home.

For the next few weeks I  was climbing with fear of falling in my confort zone. I still managed to climb some smallest projects outside but I didn’t get my confidence back. So I decided to research the “world of ropes” since I am not so strong in that area.

I found some ropes that seems great and I put them in maybe folder. Than I asked my friends with more experience about it and narrow down the selection. My first and the most important feature was – as you probably guessed – safety. And I found the rope I feel very confortable with.

Let me tell you most important features of Edelweiss Curve ARC 9,8 – Climbing rope:

  • 70m length
  • UIAA falls: 9
  • Unicore concept

The thing that convinced me the most was unicore concept and UIAA falls. I feel like this is gonna be safe and trustworthy rope for my next level in climbing. I need to focus on my climbing, not on my equipement. I think I made a good decision but the time will show.

Here is the video about unicore concept of ropes. Enjoy 🙂