Climbing grades from all over the world

Climbing grades from all over the world

When you meet with climbing for the first time, you just think the more overhang the route is, the harder it is. Although there is some truth in it, this is not the rule. But mainly, all climbing grades are subjective and exist only to get us an idea about the difficulty of the route. That way you can choose to climb confortably or challenge yourself with higher grade.

Climbing community has it’s own climbing grades, different from area to area (and country to country) but they all have in common one thing – the grade of the route represents difficulty of the route you are climbing on.

Usually we use grading system from our country and we get very confused when people are talking in some other “language” with different concept¬†of a grades.

That is why, the pictures below will make it clear for you about different grades:

Sport climbing grades (conversion table)


Boulder climbing grades (conversion table)

And finally, video explanation of grades all over the world: