Climbing goals in 2017 – building a pyramid! :)

Climbing goals in 2017 – building a pyramid! :)

Last year my climbing goals were focused mainly on going as hard as I can. My first goal was to manage my imaginary magical grade 7a, and I did it quite soon (Krokodilčki v očeh – Bitnje in april). Of course it is very important to find the route that suits you so when I was looking for next project of 7b I came to my coach Dave and he “shoot” at me Zlata streha – which turn out to be really acurate. It was tottaly my climbing style, short but intense. In august I manage to clip it. I tried also 7c in 2016 but I have seen that I need more experience, strength and mileage.

So this year I decided to get better as a whole climber. I decided not to focus too much on harder grade, but on mileage on the rock.

That type of plan makes sense in many ways. I will get more experiences, richer “alphabet of movement”, better feeling on the rock and for sure I will become stronger and happier climber.

Yes, i will still train by the program indoor, but my focus will be on pyramid on the rock. I am starting at 6b, and my goal is to do whole pyramid to 7b plus one new harder project 7c.

To do this plan I have to do 38 projects this year, which means alot of climbing outside and gaining experiences, different problems and different rock types. It means dedication to climb on the rock and most importantly getting better and better just by doing it!

So let me tell you more about the pyramid I am building 🙂

The main idea is to climb first several easier routes to really established the grades. It all goes on principle 8-6-4-2-1.

For example, last year I did my pyramid on the rock till 6b+ on the top. It looked like this:

And I also managed to climb 6c+, 7a and 7b on the rock as a projects.

So my goal for this year is to make whole pyramid to 7b (few pyramids combined), which would get me to become alot better. I guess. It is logical. This is my actual pyramid plan for 2017.

I know there is plenty of work to do, but I can’t go out of my skin – I think I need at least one project, one step further so 7c project is still waiting for me. I also stay focused on that goal, since this type of project is a really good “food” for the brain. Motivation, inspiration, mental game, self confidence and when you made it truly amazing feeling of achieving something that no one can take it away from you.

I hope you found something useful here also for you, but if you have any questions you can write it in a comments below or contact me directly.

Have a great and successful climbing year! 😉

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  • Dedicated servers

    27. 7. 2017 at 7:12

    I m hoping the pyramid will help me have more focused gym sessions, improve my route climbing endurance, and get me away from always bouldering, which I gravitate toward indoors.