Why I enjoy climbing so much?!

Sooooo… I was injured for some time and I’m still recovering BUT I’m so psyched about climbing I can’t help but dreaming, planning and climbing quite a lot lately! At the moment, I am not in the best climbing form, but I’m still working on my yearly pyramid described HERE. So, I tried some route

Climbing grades from all over the world

When you meet with climbing for the first time, you just think the more overhang the route is, the harder it is. Although there is some truth in it, this is not the rule. But mainly, all climbing grades are subjective and exist only to get us an idea about the difficulty of the route.

Mental game for climbing that works

Climbing is many times used as an example for life. If we improve in school, business, sports or personal life we climb the ladder of success. And in most cases, our success depends mostly of our mental game. That explains why some people expend their improvements in any area while other don’t. So here’s a

How strong you have to be to climb 7b

I climb 4 times a week. Usually in winter time I spend more time in climbing center on plastic and there are always many people. We become good friends, we joke, train and talk a lot about climbing. And in many cases we have different approach to training or climbing. But not only that. A

Training plan or just climbing more?

In general in climbing community people don’t have much of a plan when they go climbing. If you arrange a climbing day, you just wanna go there and find the areas and routes that you feel like climbing. And when you go to climbing gym, you don’t want to do what somebody else tells you,

Alphabet of movement in climbing

People often ask me, what is the difference between 6a or 7a route and usually I say that in general the holds are smaller, the moves are harder and the rests are worst. But this is actually quite an interesting topic since we all understand that you should become stronger, more durable, better focused and

Unicore climbing rope for new era of climbing!

About a month ago in december, I was still in the zone of training for my project till the end of the year. I was really into mental game since my project was quite big! By the end of 2015 I managed one RP at 6c on plastic and I was really happy about it.