About me

Hey! Great to see you here! 😀

Few minutes after my hardest project yet – Zlata streha 7b.

I am Matej, fresh climber from Slovenia. I first tried to climb in 2012 but I got injured so I didn’t climb until 2015 in april when my friend Melita invited me to try again.  There were two girls and me who climbed there together for half a year and I was hooked. I believe the combination of girls and climbing made it clear for what I want in my life! 😉

In my past I was training hammer throw and olympic weight lifting so at first I wasn’t the best on the wall. I remember struggling with 5b on the plastic, and I wasn’t able to climb it to the top without resting. But I was sure I can become better fast. One year and 4 months later I clipped 7b on the rock ( Zlata streha in Kotečnik ) and I belive I can climb alot harder. Of course not over night but my plans are made for 10 years ahead. And they are big. 🙂

So here on this blog I will write about climbing. Training tips from experts I found helpful, inspirational videos and articles about my life and passion of climbing.

I hope you enjoy the blog!